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For athletes and humans alike! The Hi Point(e) Method merges the strength training of a professional dancer and length inspiration from an Olympic rhythmic gymnast mentor, with the foundation of Pilates. We've discovered you don't need to spend hours working out, just a few focused minutes moving the right way. 

Meet Our Trainers...


Maya Jade is a certified Pilates instructor and the co-founder of Hi Point(e). She attends USC and is the school's official Pilates Instructor.

As a Broadway performer, she recognized that Pilates increased her mobility, flexibility, posture, and strength making her a better performer and dancer. 

The Zoom world isn't a new world for Maya, as she's been coaching virtually for years. 

Maya is constantly searching for innovative ways to get surfer abs without actually going surfing.


Alessandra Tehya-Rose is a certified Pilates instructor and the co-founder of Hi Point(e). For years Tehya has been the strength coach to professional dancers, teaching them to move safely. 

Tehya spent her teenage years as a professional dancer training at School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center.

She continued at companies including Alvin Ailey and American Ballet Theatre. 

Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Medical Journalism at NYU. 

Tehya is constantly developing new ways to workout while lying down.


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