Alexa Curtis

You'll probably recognize her name from Life Unfiltered, her non-profit Media Impact and Navigation, or her motivational, fun, and absolutely informative #FearlessFridaysbut Alexa really isn't in need of a standard introduction. Alexa Curtis began her own blog at the age of 12, she's always been a go-getter and, well, FEARLESS. Today, she was kind enough to talk to us about her goals, secrets, and tips to live by; hopefully you'll get inspired by her interview, we definitely did!


Three words that describe you:

Fearless, Resilient, Confident


What do you believe in?

Politics, mental health, body image.


Why are they important to you?

1. Everyone should be voting! No excuses

2. Mental health is all you have, you should focus on it

3. Every person I know struggles with body image issues, let's reduce that number 


How did you begin getting involved in mental health and being fearless summits?

I launched the Be Fearless Summit in 2018 after attending tons of different conferences and constantly leaving feeling like I was not learning what I wanted to (about relationships, finances, car rentals!) We presented the first summit at Drexel University in March of 2019 and it was the best business decision I've ever made/ embarked on. I started getting involved with mental health earlier in 2017 after speaking with Talkspace, and again realizing there was such a need to bring attention to mental health in schools. I launched my nonprofit M.I.N.T. that year.


What are the fearless summits?

The Be Fearless Summit is a full-day college summit encouraging young people to be fearless and get out of their comfort zone. It's filled with sponsors, inspirational CEOs and entrepreneurs and lots of breakout sessions on a range of different topics. 

What advice can you give to teens on how to believe in themselves and be comfortable in their own skin?

The best advice I have is that you determine your destiny. I spent so much of my younger years focusing on what other people thought of me instead of realizing that I'm good enough. If and when you can get to that point you'll realize that there is no one stopping you from reaching your fullest potential. Get out, find yourself and try new things.



You started your own business when you were

young, tell us about how you began and why. 

 I launched my fashion blog A Life in the Fashion Lane in 2011 because I was 12 and so insecure and sheltered. It's obviously no longer a fashion blog, but initially fashion was such a huge outlet for me and a huge reason for me to pursue this career path. I wanted

to create a platform for young people to feel safe in, and also be the person to look up to that I never had growing up.  


How did you connect with Radio Disney?

I BCC'ed 466 producers on an email with an idea in 2018 and landed the show. It was crazy!


Tell us about your non-profit Media Impact and Navigation.

Media Impact and Navigation for Teens is a panel discussion about social media and mental health. I've hosted the panel at over 10 schools across the country, and it's comparable to the way D.A.R.E. is set up. Instead of focusing on drugs and alcohol, we focus on cutting and sexting. 

What are your thoughts on social media? How could it be used for good? What should kids realize about it? 

Social media is great and also not so great. I'm the first person to say do not take Instagram that seriously. When I talk to kids who want to go viral and have millions of Instagram followers, I remind them that though that's cool at the time, what are they going to do in 5-10 years if Instagram isn't around? I started taking social media off on Sundays and it's honestly my favorite day of the week. Use social media as a place to make you feel inspired, not bring you down.


Favorite piece of clothing...

My white Levi's hoodie and my pink Stan Smith Adidas!


Favorite make-up product you cannot live without...

I am so bad with makeup. But probably my PEEK beauty kit. 


Who you would love to partner with?



Favorite book, hobby, and song.

BECOMING Michelle Obama, boxing, "1901" Phoenix 


What is some advice you would give to your younger self?

Don't take yourself so seriously! 


Is there anything else that you would like people to know?

The worst thing someone can say to you is no. I know it sounds scary now, but trust me, the no will make you want that yes more. 


Where do people follow you and contact you with questions comments etc. 

You can follow me on social media at @alexa_curtis and my site is My podcast This is Life Unfiltered airs every Wednesday!




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