Music Series: Rozie Baker

Rozie Baker's got immense talent in her blood. She is the true definition of an artist, with a capacity to find music in every facet of life or create opportunity through her passion for song. Not only has she graced a Broadway stage, been onstage with Demi, on our screens with The Late Show, toured with her own music, now she's putting music onto canvases... literally. She can paint what it is a sound should look like; we told you, she's got music & lyrics coursing through her veins. Here's Rozie... 


How old are YA?

I’m 20 years old, the weird stage where you’re an adult but you’re definitely not.


Where are YA from?

Born & Raised in Manhattan! (like… ‘Two blocks from Times Square’ Manhattan. aka. ‘Every other place in the world is quiet compared to where I live’ Manhattan.)


If you had a friend visit YA in your hometown, walk us through a fun day in the life of Rozie and her friend…

First of all, the day absolutely wouldn’t even start until after 10 when I drag myself out of bed (oops). When I have friends come to town I love taking them to the High Line downtown, and some of my favorite coffee shops like Happy Bones Coffee or Hungry Ghost. I love taking my friends to Williamsburg to one of my favorite vintage movie theaters: Nitehawk Cinemas. Finally (if this is an ideal day), I take full advantage of student discounts and find a show to go see with them and since Book of Mormon is usually $$$ and Hadestown is going to be sold out until I’m 24, SecondStage has a ‘$30 under 30’ ticket promo for the incredible projects they put up which I always recommend. We’d close off the day at the Beetlejuice (my favorite film) themed bar downtown, ‘BeetleHouse’. 

What do YA do?

Right now I’m at college up in Boston studying Film Scoring, and playing shows in here and back in New York when I can. So Musician/Songwriter/Artist/Singer/Cinephile/Overwhelmed Student.


How did YA choose Berklee?

I’m almost finished at Berklee College of Music, and to be totally honest, I almost bailed on my audition. I was just going to hope I got into my No.1 choice (stupid idea kids, don’t do that), and a friend of my Dad’s who went to Berklee convinced me to go. And I’ve met people here now that I would never trade in for my top choice.


We know you’ve got such a talented family, what is something you’ve learned from them?

The best thing I’ve learned from them is that you don’t have to sell your soul to one thing. Both of my parents are so immersed in the music world but in a million different ways, and it helps keep me sane to remember that I can write my own music, and perform other peoples, AND score movies.


How do YA support your friends in the industry?

Go to their shows!!! Promoting my friends’ music on socials and streaming it is a great way to support them and their music, of course. 


Do YA have a routine before YA perform?

Theater and live music are so different, but before one of my shows, my band and I just break into the “Hardcore” scene in School of Rock, the one where Jack Black talks the class through the new song he’s writing. I started doing it to calm my nerves before my first show last year, I don’t know why this came into my head, but it did. And my band started reciting it with me and THAT’S how we found out we all know every word to that whole scene. It’s fairly ridiculous, but it gets us all laughing and on the same page, and being that absurd right before a show makes me feel free to be bigger and more expressive onstage. 


Favorite experience performing so far?

It’s hard to even think about choosing; most have been so different. I started off on Broadway and there’s no experience like that, it’s more like a family than anything else I’ve done. But I’ve been lucky enough to perform on shows like The Late Show

with Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live behind Paul McCartney, and then the next weekend be playing a living room 20 minute set with Sofar Sounds


Dream stage to perform?

Around a year and a half ago, I had the crazy experience of singing backup for Demi on her tour for a night; it was the first time I had performed for an arena. It was like nothing I could have imagined.. and even though it was incredible, I couldn’t make out a single face. I kind of love the mix of intimacy and hype you get at a venue like the House of Blues or The Troubadour.



Do YA play any instruments? If so, how did you learn?

 I started off with piano when I was four, and then began guitar at age 6 (because a boy in my 1st grade class who I had a crush on loved The Beatles). I stopped lessons for both by the time I was 12, but I kept going on my own at my own pace. I still play piano almost everyday and accompany myself at shows every now and then, and I can get by with an electric guitar. 

But never tell that to a guitarist. 







Tell us about what it’s like touring with your own music?

The closest I’ve been to ‘touring’ is flying to Chicago for 36 hours to play a show for Sofar Sounds, but if that was what touring is like it is EXHAUSTING. Sleeping for two hours, traveling for most of the day, eating when you can and whatever you can afford, and getting about two full minutes to relax at a cheap hotel before you Uber to the venue. But at the end of the day I’m getting paid to play my music for people. It doesn’t get much better than that. I’ll give up resting and sleep for that any day. 

If there was one thing in the world YA could change, what would it be and why?

There’s such a lack of trust everywhere. If it was possible to tell the truth a bit more, to trust and respect and do our best to understand everyone around us a bit more, it would be a more peaceful existence for all of us. 



Welcome to the world of blonde! Do YA love it?! Is it really any different?

No magical Marilyn moment where the world turns all rosy colored and people start treating me differently, but it’s a hell of a lot to keep up with. Definitely teaching me patience.


Anything else YA wanna share with us?

It is very hard to convey sarcasm through an online interview. I hope it worked. 


Find Rozie @roziebakerwho and check out another Music Series here.



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