On-Camera Chat: Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick

 We've got a soft spot in our heart for Alabama, so, of course we were more than psyched to have Grayson involved in our talks.  He's made the trek out here to the ☀️ state all the way from the home state of the best college 🏈 team in the world. Not many people can say by the young age of 15 (as of April Fool's Day) they've graced our screens alongside Shia LeBeouf, Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Bill Hader, and Fred Armisen, just to name a few, but Grayson can. Catch him in his next project, a nc16 webseries which talks about how kids deal with high school. Roll Tide, and get to reading!


Where are ya from?

I am from Huntsville, AL.


If you had a friend visit you in Alabama from out of town, walk us through what you would do…

Well, last June, my best friend Mason came to visit me FROM Alabama, as I currently live in California. We tried to do everything in Los Angeles county in five days.  We went to Universal Studios, Catalina Island, on a Hollywood Tour (I had never been on one until Mason came for a visit). We also went to Medieval Times, Universal City Walk, the Santa Monica Pier, and Malibu. We stayed up most nights playing Xbox or watching TV. It was the best week. 


What is one cause you believe in, and why?


My friend Eli Williams fought for five years to overcome Medulloblastoma brain cancer but in August 2017 Eli lost his battle at age 12. Eli loved Mustang cars and Legos. I meet Eli when I was around 7 years old when we played peewee football. Eli was diagnosed with cancer at age 7, relapsed at age 9, again at age 10 and once again at age 12. His parents still work very hard to raise money to help other children to fight this disease. He was and forever will be Eli the Eliminator. Eli was granted Make a Wish and his wish was to visit Jay Leno’s car collection and he was granted that.  So, I want to say a huge thank you to Make a Wish and Mr. Leno. 


​​What’s your favorite memory from being on set in Wet Hot American Summer?

This particular episode was filmed on a farm and I stayed in my trailer until production was ready for me. So, when the person from production came to get me and didn’t remember being on a farm, they accidentally stepped in horse crap. It smelled so bad as we were walking to set it was like in the middle of July, so the heat did not help matters. 


We know you’re in the upcoming nc16 web series, so the real question: “How the f**k (as they say) do you deal with high school?”

I can only get thru High School with my two friends for sure ;) I play the Role of Nelson, Jackson Geach “Jax” plays the role of Ted, and Norton Leufven is "Joey". Not only are they my friends in the series but in real life too. Jax and I met on the set of The Substitute Spy which filmed in Atlanta, Ga. I met Norton on my very first feature film here in Los Angeles called Vikes and we have been friends ever since. 



How do you find a balance between being an actor and a kid?

I talk to my friends every day on Xbox and I go to theme parks a lot or meet up with them at Speed Zone, John’s Pizza, or Dave and Busters. Mom takes off work once or twice a month, so we can go and do something as a family. 


If you were on a desert island, what are five things you’d bring with you?

My glasses, an axe to cut down trees so I could build shelter, seeds to plant veggies. I don’t think my phone would work there. And not sure how I would charge it, but I sure would like to have it. Oh, and soap. 

I would love to go to Hawaii some day and go to see Pearl Harbor. But I really hope I am never stranded on an island by myself! Who would I talk to? I would be like Tom Hanks in Castaway. He had a soccer ball with a face drawn on it named Wilson. I guess I would have to draw a face on a coconut. ☺ 


What do ya do in your free time?

I play on Xbox with my friends or play games on the PC. I also love going to Theme Parks so I meet up with my friends to go to Knots Berry Farm, Disneyland, Universal Studios or Magic Mountain. 


 Quick facts about Grayson:

✨I love Rubik’s Cubes. I collect them and so far I have about 60 in all shapes and sizes. I can solve one completely in about 1 min.

✨I have two teacup Pomeranians named Cinnamon Grace and Henry.

✨Of course I am a huge College Football fan Roll Tide!

✨I was very close with my Nanny (Beheathlin) who I went to visit for two weeks at Thanksgiving. She was 98 when she passed away on January 1 of this year. She gave me my Papa Ernest Derby Hat during our last visit and I wear it sometimes on the red carpet. 

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