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May 12, 2019

We are so thrilled to announce our first ever contributing writer for TheYaSisters: Molly Jackson. You might recognize her from her work as an actress on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows just to name a few, but the starring role she plays in her personal life is one of activism and kindness. Recently, Molly spent  time in Sacramento advocating for Senate Bill 24, alongside Just Care and the CA Women’s Foundation. We can't wait to start learning from her, and are so excited to have her as part of our team!

“GO VEGAN!” has probably been a phrase you have heard or seen a lot lately. With all the news revolving around the environment, everyone has been brainstorming ways that can they help. Recycle, don’t use plastic straws, drive a hybrid, take short showers, use reusable bags, but a newer suggestion has been going VEGAN.

This has a lot of people re-evaluating their dietary choices, but also raises a lot of questions. Firstly, what does being “vegan” mean?

In short, practicing a vegan diet means consuming no animal products. This includes any meat, seafood, dairy, or eggs. Some people also cut out honey, but each vegan has their own views on that.

The second question people tend to have is, “How do I actually do this?” Cutting animal products out of your diet is a lot easier than it seems nowadays.

Many restaurants and grocery stores are offering plant-based alternatives right next to their traditional products on the shelves. I travel quite a bit and can honestly say I have never had a problem finding at least one vegan option.

Sure, not all of the substitutes taste exactly the same, but they are still very yummy, and sometimes even yummier. Another reason people are hesitant to make the switch is the fear of not getting the “right” nutrients.

 When I first went vegan I took a B-12 and Iron supplement every day, but after about three months I was able to ween off of it. Our bodies are pretty amazing with how quickly they adapt. I definitely think taking a couple supplements is worth saving the environment. I hope my tips and suggestions have given you more confidence in taking the leap into veganism.


Changing our diets to plant-based ones, can be one of the biggest actions we can take to help the environment. We only get one Earth. It has given us so much, and it’s our turn to give back.
Visit www.vegansociety.com for more information on going vegan! Thanks for saving our planet.

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