Holiday Season

December 19, 2018

We do everything last minute from plane tickets to walking into a movie after all the trailers have already played. Most of the time it makes life a bit more difficult, but, around the Holiday season, we consider it a talent. After all, most places ship until the last possible moment, last year some of our presents arrived the day of Christmas Eve! So, we rounded up our favorite gifts over the years in case you need any last minute inspiration. The best part is that all of these things can be bought on Amazon and they have free 2 day shipping!



Although gifts are a fun way of celebrating the Holidays, remember that the best part of the holidays is getting to spend time with your family and friends celebrating joy, health, and the wonderful year to come. Sometimes, the best gifts are a handmade card and spending time together. 

Wishing you all Happy Holidays in whatever it is you celebrate. Thanks for making our year so wonderful.






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