This Friday, November 9th a group of talented teens are coming together to raise money and awareness for the Covenant House. Broadway, Film and Television stars are performing #WeHaveAVoice2 with our friend Sam Poon as producer, and musical director Casey Erin Clark, to raise money for the Covenant House, a charity which provides "homeless, runaways, and at risk youth" with shelter, a support system and so much more. This show should not be missed if you love music and giving back. It's the perfect opportunity to join in and show your support for young people helping other young people.

Purchase tickets here: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/10335092


Cele Pahucki (CP), Maxwell Vice (MV), Julianna Rigoglioso (JR), Hayden Oliver (HO), Maddox Elliot (ME), Sam Poon (Spoon), Amaya Braganza (AB)


Tell us about #WeHaveAVoice2

AB: This is a cabaret supporting the Covenant House. The Covenant House is a wonderful organization that provides care, shelter, and food to homeless teens.

SPOON: This is the second year we are doing a benefit for Covenant House New York. I decided to produce these shows because the show Runaways that I did really informed me about the problem many homeless youths face, and I wanted to help. 
HO: I love this benefit because it really helps those who need it most....kids who are struggling and would otherwise be lost.


How do you know Sam Poon, the #WeHaveAVoice2 producer/founder?

MV: He’s a super close friend of mine we met when we were cast in City Centers revival of Runaways
JR: I know Sam Poon through dance and we also did a reading together.
HO: We are good friends with the whole family.

AB: I met him 5 years ago but got to know him more when we did The King and I on Broadway 3 years ago.

How did you first become involved with the Covenant House? ​

CP: I became involved with the Covenant House though this project a year ago.

MV: I met a lot of the people behind it during Runaways in 2016, ever since I’ve always been willing to donate my time to an amazing cause. 
JR: I am lucky enough to have worked with a group of young performers who enjoy sharing their voice with the world.
HO: My brother (Maddox Elliot) and I are always trying to give back because we have been very fortunate
- and we met the Poons (Sam + his family) a long time ago - we love what they do and started working with them with Covenant House and other projects. 


What do you think young people could do more of to help get involved in social justice issues?

MV: We’re doing enough, we need the adults to take responsibility for us as well so we can live our lives. 
HO: Be sure to make yourself be heard. It’s too important not to be.

AB: You should actually become physically involved in organizations, movements, or programs that affect the community. 
SPOON: There is really no limit to what we can do if we use our voices and our skills. My skill happens to be performing, so I use it for good whenever I can. Others may be artists who could make things, or even athletes who could host fundraiser athletic events. Anything is possible, and we cannot be silent.


​​Why is it important for young people to be socially conscious and learn ​​about social justice?
HO: Awareness is one of the most important traits young people can have. Without awareness the world will spiral around you and young people need to be able to identify what needs to change and stand strong, change takes time.

ME: Because without [social justice], there really is no way to progress. There is so much hate and if it keeps up, the world will not be a very great place to be....anywhere.

AB: We are the future, so it is important for us to use our voices to speak up about social injustice because we are not only paving the [way] for ourselves, but we are paving the lives for each other.


What would you like to see different among people your age?
JR: I would like for teens to stop hating and start motivating! We are all just trying to figure our lives out, and it's better to work together than against each other.
HO: More tolerance and acceptance.

ME: Acceptance of everyone for who they are and for them to be comfortable with themselves.

If you can change one thing in our country what would it be?
JR: I would unite the country into one and demolish the division that lies between us as a country socially.

ME: The ability to have true freedom of speech instead of what is really censorship at the highest level.
GUN LAWS--we need to not be fearful to leave our own homes.

AB: I would change the hate and prejudice our country has. One has to remember our country is a global melting pot of cultures so we should all embrace and be tolerant of each other’s differences, because being unique is what makes us special and being you should be celebrated.

MV: The White House color, I would make it lime green.


Find these kids on social media:

CP: @cele_pahucki

MV: @m.xwell
JR: @Julianna.rigoglioso 
HO: @haydeloliver_

ME: @maddoxelliot
SPOON: @spoonisfed




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