Broadway Kids Jam

(Hudson, Luke, Carly, Madeline, Josh, Molly, Shaina, Mckayla, Diego) 


Introducing your new favorite 🎸band🎸: Broadway Kids Jam. This group of 👯talented young performers👯 have conquered professional stages and big-screens including ✨Broadway✨ (Kinky Boots, School of Rock, Annie, Les Miz..just to name a few) . We sat down with all of them, and talked about what it's like to be a "normal" kid with 🎤incredible 🎤 talents. They all were so much fun, down to earth, and more than willing to play us a 🎹couple of tunes🎹. Josh Groban loves these kids, so we know you will too!


Where are you from?

Hudson: I was born in Los Angeles, CA but I've also lived in Park City, UT, Lambertville, NJ, Plano, TX, Leawood, KS, and now New York, NY.

Carly: Massachusetts, but now I live here in NYC!

Diego: I was born in Miami, Fl.

Madeleine: I was born in Manhattan.

Mckayla: Brooklyn.

Joshua & ST: I am from South Florida. 

Luke: New Jersey.

Molly: I am from New York City!

How did you meet your band?

Luke: At Halloween, when we all dressed as Saturday Night Live characters.

Carly: [Josh] invited me to jam a couple of times, and then we decided to record our jams, thus BKJ (Broadway Kids Jam) was born!
Joshua: You can thank Josh Groban. Just kidding. Sort of. BKJ started on my 11th birthday celebration... After dance, I invited some friends over who also happened to be theater/Broadway kids and played instruments. We had an adult friend who is a musical director come over to help guide all of us. We posted one of the songs on Twitter just to see what would happen, and Josh Groban (nicest guy and a true inspiration to me) reposted it. Before I knew it, we had an amazing number of likes and positive comments. My friends were asking when we could jam again and BKJ was created! 

 How would your bandmates describe you? Give us ➂ adjectives!

Hudson: Friendly, kind, loyal.

Carly: Energetic, hard working, and stubborn!

Diego: Delightful, intelligent, and extravagant.

Madeleine: Funny, supportive, and outgoing.

Mckayla: A human unicorn, energetic, and dramatic.

Joshua: Funny, creative, and supportive.

Shaina: Mature for my age, funny, and happy.


We know your band is focused on musical theatre, especially Broadway-related music. Are there other genres that you play as well?

Joshua: Yes! We are starting to play more pop music that may have some Broadway related roots. For example, [BKJ] just did a cover of "Born This Way". Lady Gaga has her roots in musical theater, so there's still that connection. We have some Ariana Grande songs (she was on Broadway in 13) and songs from other pop stars that have some relationship to Broadway are coming soon! 

What inspired you to do music?

Hudson: Music has always been a big part of my life. My two sisters and I listen to musical theatre songs all the time and sing along.

Diego: Getting into the liking of music was quite inevitable. I vividly remember my childhood being flooded with music, and I thank my parents for that. They showed me the best music, like The Beatles, Queen, Billy Joel, Oscar Peterson, ABBA, Frank Sinatra, and many of Broadway's biggest musicals of the time. I loved music from the very start.

Shaina: It’s just part of my life. My brother always played piano and sang, so it was just natural for me to sing and dance, too!

Molly: At school (LaGuardia HS), I study classical Italian, German, and French songs.

(Josh, Luke, Diego) 

What kind of music do you enjoy playing?

Hudson: I most enjoy musical theatre, but I also love rock and pop.
Diego: Old Pop- Rock, Musical Theatre and Classical.
Madeleine: I enjoy playing any type of music, but I prefer musical theatre.  I really like learning about the history of Broadway. 

Luke: Pop ballads and Jazz-Rock mostly, but anything musically creative.

(Madeline, Josh, Luke, Diego, Shaina, Mckayla, Molly, Carly) 

What shows have you been in? What’s your favorite show and why?

Hudson: A few of the shows I've been in are A Christmas Story, Kinky Boots, and A Bronx Tale the Musical. I'm in rehearsals for an awesome show right now as well. My favorite show is Kinky Boots because of its message of being who you really are and because the music is amazing!
Madeleine: When I was six years old, I played the little daughter, "Ivanka" in Once The Musical on Broadway. This experience holds such a special place in my heart.   

Mckayla: Once the Musical, Les Miserables and Anastasia on Broadway. Les Miserables [is my favorite] because I loved the music and the set. 

Joshua: I've been in many shows-Playing Randy in A Christmas Story, The Musical is definitely very special because it was my first professional job. However, my favorite show is a tie between a recent “secret” Developmental Lab, or playing Noah Gellman in Caroline.

If you could play any role, regardless of age or gender, what would it be?

Hudson: Jean Valjean from Les Miserables.

Carly: Elphaba from Wicked!

Diego: Nigel Bottom from Something Rotten.

Madeleine: I would love to play Carole King in the Broadway musical, Beautiful!

Mckayla: Regina George [Mean Girls]! 

Joshua: Evan Hansen!!!! 

Shaina: Gretchen Weiners [Mean Girls]. 

Molly: Janis in Mean Girls!

What do you like to do in your free time other than performing?

Hudson: I love sports~I play baseball and basketball. I also love to read.

Carly: Baking and playing with my dog, Minnie!
Diego: I love to play my piano, take ballet classes, and draw/animate.
Madeleine: I like to sew clothes and pillows. In between school, classes and auditions, I like to visit the garment district to pick out fun fabrics.  
Mckayla: Dance and acro. 
Joshua: Compose music, write lyrics and write musicals!

Luke: Fortnight – is there anything else?

(Shaina, Mckayla, Carly, Molly, Madeline)  

What do you think of social media and your generation? Do you think there are any negative aspects to how often social media is used? How do you use your social media platform for good?

Carly: I like social media because you can connect with people all around the world! As for negative comments, you just have to block them out, literally!

Madeleine: I have been using my Instagram account to share kindness. On most Fridays, I create a post called, "Friendship Fridays" where I share an image having to do with kindness and friendship.

Joshua: I think social media keeps us all connected, but I try to remember to interact with my friends in real life, and not just on social media. I use my social media platform to try to make people smile. I also try to support causes that mean a lot to me. After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, I recorded a song from Carousel  “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to lend support to those families impacted.

What’s one thing no one knows about you?

Hudson: When I was a little kid I thought I was 1/2 vampire.

Carly: I LOVE the beach!

Diego: Well if I tell you then a bunch of people would end up knowing.

Madeleine: I moved to London, England when I was 5 months old. London is very special to me...I also love getting a cupcake at Primrose Bakery in Primrose Hill!

Mckayla: I love to do contortion and I can make a tongue flower.

Joshua: I love dolphins and Disney. It’s two things, but both are equally important.

Luke: I just released my first EP this past July 1. It is called “See”. Most people know I sang the songs myself but they might not know I also wrote them and performed all the piano and most of the guitar solos!

Shaina: My age! Since I’m really tall (I’m even taller then Joshua), everyone always assumes I’m about 3 years older then I really am. It’s fun to surprise them with my real age.

We are seeing lots of young people getting involved in movements they care about, is there a cause that you support and/or feel connected to? 

Hudson: LGBTQ+ rights

Carly: Animal rescues, such as Eleventh Hour Rescue (where my dog, Minnie, is from)!

Madeleine: Yes, I am very proud to be a Youth Advocate for a non-profit organization called, Free2Luv. Free2Luv is dedicated to "spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts".

Mckayla: ASPCA

(Carly, Mckayla, Madeline, Shaina, Molly)

What’s your favorite style that represents you?

Hudson: Weird and unique!

Madeleine: I like wearing bright colors, because it reflects my personality.

Mckayla: Bohemian, girly, and pink.

Do you have advice to give to kids who may be interested in music acting and performing.

Hudson: Go for it! Audition for school plays, community theater, and even Broadway. You never know what could happen!

Carly: Be BOLD, be YOU!

Mckayla: Never give up! 

Joshua: Always try and do your best. Try to turn your weaknesses into your strengths.

(Shaina, Diego, Josh, Molly, Luke, Carly, Madeline, Mckayla, Hudson) 


Five things you always have backstage with you?

Carly: My phone, an avocado smoothie, my steamer, WATER, and my Working Hands hand cream!

Madeleine: A book, dance shoes, a bottle of water, gummy bears, sketch book with colored pencils

Mckayla: Unicorn stuffed animal, aromatherapy, butter popcorn, phone, curling iron  

Joshua: a stuffed animal (I usually get one for each show I'm in that becomes my "backstage friend"), kindle, my phone, tea, a musical instrument.

Luke:  My notes, a keyboard, a camera, a guitar and… a guitar!

Molly: I always have mini Altoids, my Pennyboard, schoolwork, a nail clipper, and lip balm.

 Where can people find your band’s music?

People can find us on…

YouTube  / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook



Hudson Loverro, 11, IG / FB

Carly Gendell, 13, IG /FB / Twitter  

Diego Lucano, 14, IG

Madeleine Pace, 11, IG / Twitter
Mckayla Twiggs, 13, IG / FB / YouTube

Joshua Turchin, 11, IG / FB / TwitterYouTube

Paul “Luke” Bonefant, 14, IG / Twitter / YouTube

Shaina Turchin, 8, IG

Molly Richardson, 15 today (HAPPY BDAY!), IG


Photography by - Maya Jade Frank and Cameron Taylor Oakes


(Mckayla, Madeline, Molly, Carly, Shaina, Hudson, Luke, Josh, Diego) 


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