Sophie Knapp


Sophie and I (Maya) met while performing in New York City in the US. Premiere of "A Little Princess" the musical over four years ago. Sophie is a little fire-ball of energy and talent! Wise beyond her years, Sophie has taken the entertainment industry by storm. She has performed on Broadway, toured in Once: The Musical, as well as performed in other theatrical shows such as Annie (Molly), School of Rock (Emilie), Chasing Rainbows (Baby Gumm) and more. Currently she plays Little Cosette and Young Eponine in the National Tour of Les Miserables.

Tehya and I got to ask Sophie some super fun questions about herself, her career, and what she's learned along the way at such a young age.

Sophie is talented, fun. energetic and loves what she does with the support of a wonderful family. Heeeeeeeere's Sophie!

Dream Job:



What do YA do?

I am an actress and a singer.


Favorite Broadway Show?



What is your go to audition song?

"Count on Me" by Bruno Mars or "Dites Moi" from South Pacific.


How do you balance school and extracurriculars?

I make sure I can always handle doing both.


What inspires you?

Being on stage!


Who inspires you?

Meg Donnelly


What would you tell yourself one year ago?

Don't give up!


What is the one thing you wish there was a cure to?



...okay, another!



How would your cast mates describe you? Give us three adjectives! Go!!!

Fashionable, funny, and energetic!


If you could any role regardless of gender or age what would you play?



BEST part of life:

Having fun, making friends and singing!

Favorite activity/thing to do:

Singing, acting, and talking.


Role Model:

Jessie Fisher


Favorite Snapchat Filter:

the cat!


Words of Wisdom:

"always try your hardest"


When did you start performing?

I started acting and singing when I was 3 and I love doing what I get to do.


How do you give back?

I volunteer at a soup kitchen.


What do you think is necessary to make our world a better place?



Do you have a good luck ritual?

I warm up!


Favorite stage makeup?

Dirt (Sophie has to wear fake dirt on her face when she plays Little Cosette in Les Miserables)!!

 Five things you need in your dressing room.

1. Food

2. Activities 

3.  Hair Brush

4. Game

5. Markers


What are your thoughts on diversity integration on Broadway?

Anyone can play anyone!


Is there anything else you want people to know about you or your family?

My friends, family and coaches are important to me. My agent and manger are so supportive. I am so thankful for everyone who supports me and is positive and excited for me!


Sophie's life as a little star on and off Broadway is so inspiring. Check out another one of our friends, Zoe Manarel (click on her name to be sent to her #talktuesday!) who was in Matilda on Broadway!





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