Music Series: Whitney Woerz

Seventeen year old singer songwriter, Whitney Woerz is driven through music to give back to the world. Following an event that happened early in her teens where she advocated on her friend's behalf, to get her the help and support she needed, Whitney has been motivated ever since to use her voice for good. Whitney's music has opened the door to a bigger picture: inspiring hope and bringing awareness to causes she is passionate about, such as mental illness, suicide prevention, and anti bullying. She has played most recently near Central Park in New York City at The March For Our Lives, partners with Glenn Close's Bring Change 2 Mind (an organization that works to end the stigma around mental illness) and is ready to lend her words to many other projects she feels needs a voice. Whitney inspires us to do good within our own community, we hope she will shed light on some projects that might inspire you as well.


How did you become interested in singing?

I started doing musical theater when I was in elementary school and ever since after my first show, I knew performing and singing was what I wanted to do with my life. 


Are your parents creative? 

My dad used to be in a band and he’s really good at the piano, but my mom is not the best when it comes to the arts but is still extremely supportive :)


What made you want to take a stand and be a voice for mental illness? 

When I was 13, a friend reached out to me and told me she wanted to kill herself. I wanted to do anything I could to help her, so I called BringChang2Mind which is an organization to help end the stigma around mental illness. Then, they told me to call suicide hotline. While help was arriving, I wanted to stay with her someway so I sat down and wrote her a song that is now out called Ghost Story. I sent it to her and she told me that it inspired her to get help. I thought, if I could help one person through music, I could help so many more. 



Where/how do you come up with ideas for your songs? 

I come up with song ideas as I go through everyday life. An experience will happen to me and then I try my best to put it into lyrics. 


What’s one thing that you want to share with everyone? 

Anything you are going through, you aren’t alone. 


How long does it take you to write a song? 

It depends - sometimes a song takes a few hours to get a rough idea down, but some have taken months. 


What is your top aspirations/goal?

Inspire as many people as possible through music.


What is the most satisfying thing you have been able to do through your music? 

The most visually satisfying thing I’ve done through music was actually last week. I was lucky enough to be asked to perform alongside a few others at the New York March For Our Lives. This was in front of 300,000 people in the middle of the street near Central Park. It was the biggest crowd I have ever played in front of. Looking out into that sea of people was so crazy. It felt like being on a boat and looking into the horizon at the seemingly never ending ocean because i physically couldn’t see the end of the crowd. So breath taking. 


What’s your favorite outfit to wear while performing?

I love always mixing up my outfits. I think of how I can pair unique things in my closet with things I’m not sure will work. These ideas usually turn into my performance outfits :)


What is the most fun and exciting thing you have been able to do through your music? 

Recently I’ve been being asked a lot to perform at different radio shows and radio stations. These are always so fun because I’ve been traveling to new places almost every week now! 


What is the reaction you hope listeners will have after they hear your music or watch your music videos? 

I hope they relate to my lyrics and I hope whatever they listen to inspires them in some way. 


You are a role model for so many people, us included, who are your role models and who would you love to collaborate with one day? 

My biggest role model is probably Lorde. I’m so inspired by her alternative lyrics and sound and she would be amazing to collab with one day. 


What young person inspires you? 

I’m only 17 so really I surround myself with all young people like myself. I go to a performing arts high school in Manhattan called Laguardia, so all of my peers are creative and inspire me. 


What do you wish the world knew more about? 

I wish people talked about mental illness and and feelings people have surrounding this. It’s a subject people are afraid to touch on but, if depression, anxiety or whatever you are feeling is talked about, people will know they aren’t the only one feeling this way. 


Where can people help be a part of your movement of ending the stigma surrounding mental health? 

If you go to, you can join the movement to help let end the stigma. 


Wanna add anything else?

The single I have out right now is called Idea Of Her and if anyone wants to check it out, it’s on all music platforms available to buy and stream :)






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