Kirrilee Berger


She is Netflix's new 🌟star🌟 in our eyes...

The 'Who Was' Show's  Kirrilee Berger is a role model for ✨dreamers✨ and performers of all ages. Recently, you have probably seen her on your television in the Amazon series "Just Add Magic" and she has also toured the 🇺🇸United States🇺🇸 as Jane Banks in Mary Poppins and as a Ballet Girl in Billy Elliot. She is a triple threat, which means she's the FULL package, she acts🎭, sings🎤, and dances💃🏻. We know, pretty incredible! 

We could sound off a lot more of the amazing works she's been a part of (The Amazing Spiderman 2, KC Undercover, and more) but we want to tell you about who Kirrilee is. We all used to go to dance class every Saturday morning together, we would get up at 8am (almost like it was a school day) and go to three classes: Jazz, Tap, and whatever else was going on that day. We had the pleasure of meeting Kirrilee in this class so so so many years ago, and still are friends today.

When we reached out to her to do this talk it was because we wanted to share her story, a story of a girl who works SUPER hard and kicks butt at anything she puts her mind to. We wanted to show you guys that it's possible to pursue your dreams even when it's not always easy. She is the epitome of the ultimate Supergirl, and we are so excited to share a bit of her with you!


How do you know the YA Sisters? I had the immense honor of meeting the amazing YA sisters at Dance Molinari in NYC! I remember vividly sharing makeup tips with Tehya while stretching before class! 

What do YA do? I'm a Singer, Actress, Dancer, Comedian and writer!  

Dream Job:My dream is to do EVERYTHING! I don’t think there's one thing I can pinpoint as there are so many things I haven’t experienced yet! I love TV, Film, Broadway, Music, Writing!! My dream is truly to continue performing in any way I can. But especially in a way that can spread a positive message.

What inspires you? Simple acts of kindness.

Who Inspires you? Ellen DeGeneres. I am so inspired by her dedication to giving back.

Words of Wisdom:It's a slow process but quitting will never speed it up. 

How would your cast mates describe you? Give us three adjectives! Go!!!

I reached out to one of my cast mates on “The ‘Who Was’ Show” Zach Timson and he said “Hardworking, Stunning, Hilarious” Thanks, Zach! 

How did you get where you are? 16 years of hard work, dedication and finding amazing people and faith to help guide you.

BEST part of life: Sharing laughter with others! Oh, and ice cream! 

Favorite activity/Thing to do:Cook, sing and spend time with my family and friends.

Favorite place to be:DISNEY!!!

What do you wish people knew more about you? My success has been much like an iceberg. What you see is merely a fragment of my journey to achieving it and I hope one day I have the opportunity to share that story. 

Role Model:Shoshana Bean, Meryl Streep, Donna McKechnie.

What young adult would you vote for to be president right now? Ellen DeGeneres. Her kindness, positivity and advocacy to better our world I believe would wonderfully impact our country. 

What would you tell yourself one year ago? "Kirrilee, your health is about to take a turn for the worst but you can’t give up because right after your next surgery you are going to get the biggest opportunity of your life!"

What do you wish people knew more about? Chronic pain and how it can effect people’s daily lives. 

What is one thing you wish there was a cure to? Endometriosis.

…..Okay another!!! Cancer.

How do you give back? I love going to schools and speaking about building self confidence through my platform The Warrior Project! 

What do you think is necessary to improve our education system? I believe the American education system needs to stop putting so much pressure on standardized test scores and sheer volume of work but rather teach today’s youth the skills, and knowledge they need to become successful adults. 

…What about our world? The #1 thing our world needs is acceptance. It's nearly 2018. I think we all need to realize that no matter your race, religion, age, gender, sexuality or financial bracket we are all human beings living in this one big community we call earth. Let's love each other. Protect each other. Accept each other. So, let's live in a world of peace and work together to better the planet. 

How do you balance school and extracurriculars? I think it's very important to schedule your day into a way that's manageable. Just as you schedule school and work, it's important to schedule fun and down time. 

What is your go to audition song? I have a few I really love but I have a soft spot for “Happy Days Are Here Again”.

Favorite Broadway shows? In the Heights (fun fact: this show was written by Hamilton and Moana's Lin Manuel Miranda), Fun Home and Gypsy! 

If you could play any role regardless of gender or age who would you play? Eva Peron in Evita!! 

Do you have a good luck ritual? I ALWAYS say a prayer!

Favorite stage makeup? I LOVED all of my crazy looks on “The ‘Who Was’ Show”! But, a few of my go to makeup products are the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and ELF Baked Highlighter! 

What are your thoughts on diversity integration on Broadway? I think it's wonderful that Broadway is opening its doors to ALL people regardless or race, gender and sexuality. Something we need more of in the world! 

What's your advice to incoming performers? You will get a million no's to get to that one yes. If they hurt, that's ok. That means you wanted it. The key is to keep pushing and pushing until you get that one yes that will change your life. 

Favorite audition story:I went in for a pharmaceutical commercial when I was about 9 years old. I was running late so I didn’t read the sides very well. I went in completely confident. Read my lines, acting sick as a dog. I completed the sides and wondered why casting couldn’t stop laughing. They then said to me “Sweetheart, you’re not the one that's sick” I cried the entire way home of embarrassment. I got it. I guess confidence is key…. But read your sides kids.  

Five things you need in your dressing room?

1. A Fuzzy blanket

2. My heating pad 

3. Lots of water! 

4. Music

5. A cozy place to nap! 

Favorite Snapchat Filter:

There was recently a Devil Wears Prada snapchat filter and I was OBSESSED with it! 

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Kirrilee is such a role model for people all over the world. She shows you can conquer anything with strength and determination. Who are your role models?

Who would you like to hear a #talktuesday from next? Wanna talk? Contact us at the link below!

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