September 29, 2017

 Here's a glimpse into [both] of our medicine cabinets. Yes, for all you wondering, we do steal products from each other!

 We were introduced to this facial cleanser by a facialist friend of ours whose client list boasts 🙌Rosie Huntington Whiteley & Tyra Banks🙌 so we know she knows what she's talking about. This face cleanser is actually the best because it's so simple. We believe skincare is the best when you can actually pronounce the names of the ingredients and when you know what they are! Aloe Vera (which is one of our favorite, under the radar, skincare ingredients) along with Chamomile and Cucumber extracts make up the majority of this amazing cleanser, and as another plus, it removes makeup and all the dirt leftover from the day!

This is the answer to all pimple prayers, and now it's mess free. Kate Somerville is a genius and makes them already swabbed so you can take them to go! Next time you have that mark on your face staring back at you in the mirror, be sure to use one of these and you'll be on your way to healing. Plus, it's super cute and millennial pink!

Photo from Smith's Rosebud Perfume Company

Remember this? We still use it. It's that good. We use it in the Summer months in 🔥extreme heat🔥 and the Winter months in the ❄️freezing NYC weather❄️. It also adds the perfect natural lip tint for the super popular no makeup, makeup look.  You can even mix a bit with your eyeshadow for the "dewy" makeup effect. We are super into things that serve more than one purpose!

 This is Argentum Apothecary's Body Lotion (can be used on the face) straight from 🇬🇧London🇬🇧, Maya's favorite city in the world. Filled with Silver Hydrosol (trust us, it's going to be a very popular skincare ingredient in the coming year) along with Hyper Polymerised DNA, this cream is an extremely powerful antibacterial and anti inflammatory agent.

It's a splurge but honestly well worth it, a little goes a long way. Think of it as the most incredible 💊vitamins💊 for your skin. Not to mention it's scent is absolutely intoxicating, filled with essential oils such as Sandalwood, Geranium and Patchouli. 🌸💐🌺

...also, it's got Aloe (notice a pattern?!)...

We would never leave Kai Fragrance out of a lineup. Based in Malibu 🌊, so very close to home, they create the most wonderful, unique fragrance blends. This new perfume oil is our new favorite, filled with rose 🌹, making it the prettiest, most naturally elegant scent, so it's our favorite to wear on a night out! It's also the perfect size to toss into your purse to keep you fresh. 


SPECIAL TIP: always check the ingredients in any product you use, if there are more than six contents start googling  what they mean!

Looking for the most popular products to share with everyone. East Coast vs. West Coast.  What are your favorite products?  Go!


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