Essential Oils Are Indeed Essential

September 16, 2017

♕ Queen Bella Hadid ♕ uses essential oils, so obviously we should too.

 Essential Oils have been around since 4500 BCE (in other words, they’re way older than us) where they were used in Egypt to heal the sick; today, they are our most potent form of natural medicine. Essential Oils can be purchased at your favorite health food store, online at a platform like amazon, or you can become a member on a specific site (like Young Living) and order oils at wholesale prices. 


We pulled together a couple of our favorite oils that we use DAILY, just remember two things...

#1. These oils work for us, but different oils might work better for you, so really go somewhere where you can check out a whole bunch of different oils and see what you like.


#2. Make sure to dilute the essential oil if you're a newbie so it isn't too strong. We recommend adding about 30 drops of an essential oil to every 8 oz of olive oil.

*Click on each image to be directed to shop the product*


 You know the fragrant scent you smell while walking through the health aisle at Whole Foods, searching for a pill to relieve headaches? Stop where you are, grab a bottle of Peppermint Oil, and rub a bit on your temples.


 Lavender Oil heals burns, reduces scarring, clears eczema and helps improve sleep habits. Put a drop on the bottoms of your feet and rub it in before you go to sleep, trust us, you will sleep the night through.


Helichrysum is harvested from a flowering plant found on the coast of Croatia and has the ability to rejuvenate skin (wrinkles and fine lines), it calms acne and blemishes, and it's constantly used for sore muscles, that's what we use it for! With a very distinctive honeyish scent, it's definitely a smell to get used to, but we promise you'll learn to love it. 

Helichrysum is a much more expensive oil but totally worth every penny. We totally get not wanting to drop so much money on a teeny bottle of magic oil, so we found you this version that is already mixed with jojoba oil so it allows you to skip a step! It's kind of perfect if we do say so.


Have fun trying out these oils and seeing what blend works for you! Do you want us to do a vlog of us creating a blend of oils? Want us to talk to you more about the healing properties of oils? What are your favorite oils? What else would you like to hear about our favorite things on the Copycat Corner? Leave a note in the comments section below!


*we aren't doctors, but this is what works for us!




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