Emily Robinson

This girl is the definition of Girl Power and social consciousness. Emily writes, directs, acts, and that's just the beginning. She is so knowledgeable about feminism, more specifically what it means to be a woman in this world, a woman who can conquer this world. Every time we see her, we learn from her.

She's also a super rad chick who's outfits and makeup we constantly want to steal, so we got lucky when she spilled some of her secrets in our talk. She is a girl we want to be just like, but we will settle to just be one of her friends.

How do you know the Ya Sisters? friends

Dream Job:what I do, but maybe travel blogger too?

What do YA do? act/write/direct.

Favorite Song on Repeat? “Operator” by Jim Croce.

Piece of Advice: Just do it - not a nike ad! I swear, lol!

What young adult would you vote for to be president right now? Amanda Stenberg

Favorite news outlet: New York Times, Washington Post, Teen Vogue!

How do you get motivated to exercise? Well, I found yoga to deal with stress and anxiety… so I'm motivated by necessity.

What inspires you? human nature.

Who inspires you? teenage femmes and such

What would you tell yourself one year ago? keep going.

How did you get where you are? passion and help, drive and support, lots of work.

What is the one thing you wish there was a cure to? hate

…okay another!!! poverty

How would your BFF describe you? Give us three adjectives! Go!!!




What are you binge watching? "Arrested Development" for the billionth time

BEST part of life: The unknowns.

Favorite activity/thing to do: Read.

Favorite place to be: In a theatre before the show starts

Role Model: my mom

Favorite Snapchat filter: the Harry Potter one!

Words of wisdom: Revel in life’s uncertainty - soon enough, you’ll know.

How do you give back? I work with Oxfam to raise awareness regarding the refugee crisis

What do you think is necessary to improve our education system? not Betsy Devos

…what about our world? We ALL need to learn to LISTEN

Five things you’d bring from your medicine cabinet if you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island: 

1.my toothbrush

2.Kate Somerville’s goat milk moisturizer

3.Glossier lip salve


5.Diva cup - lasts 10 years!

Let's shop Emily's story below...

 *Click on each image to be directed to shop the product*

Emily uses this Moisturizing Cream, so we should give it a chance too! We LOVE Kate Somerville products, and she's the skincare guru of so many Hollywood cool gals!

This Glossier balm dotcom seems to be a Millennial Girl favorite. It comes in multiple different shades and flavors, so play around and find your favorite! Glossier is also one of our favorite makeup lines, they take skincare in makeup to a whole new level of cool.

Emily didn't spill on her favorite sunscreen, but living in California the sun is quite hard to avoid. Remember to wear SPF everyday, even on a cold and snowy day in NYC the sun is shining bright. We learned that trick from our mom when we were young and now we are passing it down to you guys! This is our all time favorite sunscreen, but anything above the SPF of 30 should do the trick!


Emily's superpower for activism and portraying real girl stories always inspires us. What inspires you guys? Who would you like to hear a talk from next? Let us know in the comments below!


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