New York City Ballet's Prima Ballerina: Sara Adams


 Sara Adams is the epitome of grace; not the fragile kind one might associate with the definition of the word, rather an unyielding force displaying the perfect balance between strength and elegance. Instead of writing all that, we could have just told you she is a professional ballerina. Sara dances with the New York City Ballet where she was brought in as an apprentice to the company in June of 2008, moving to the Corps de Ballet in September of 2009. In February of this year we sent her a way too enthusiastic congratulations text because she was promoted to a soloist, but, to be honest we were so excited that we have been part of her life for such a long time to see her make her dreams come true.

Tehya: I met Sara in the School of American Ballet cafeteria when I was eight years old. Introduced by my ballet mistress [my mom had thoroughly embarrassed me by asking the headmistress of SAB for a babysitter, rather than a dance lesson] Sara has been part of our lives since I was eight and Maya was five. Sara has been more than just our babysitter and now, friend, she has been an inspiration to us. She has been a real life person who we watched put in the hard work and determination to make her dreams come true. 

Sara helped me sew my first pair of Freed pointe shoes in an apartment filled with dancers on the Upper West Side showing me how to perfectly burn my ribbons so they wouldn't fray. I keep her dyed bright pink signed pointe shoes in a clear box in my room to remind me that dreams only come true if you are driven enough to make them and put in the hard work.

She's the closest we can get to an actual princess, a perfect human being, and our real life inspiration.


How do you know the Ya Sisters?

I watched them grow up! I babysat them!

Dream Job:

I got mine, New York City Ballet (after I would love to own a wellness center).

What do YA do?

dance ballet

Favorite Song on Repeat?

“Spiegel im Spiegel” by Arvo Part

Piece of Advice:

Be happy about everything

Favorite news outlet:

The Today Show.

How do you get motivated to exercise?

I always want to be better, so I make sure I exercise everyday. Also my job requires me to be in top shape.

What inspires you?

being healthy.

Who inspires you?

my mom.

What would you tell yourself one year ago?

be patient

How did you get where you are?

hard work, support from my family

What is the one thing you wish there was a cure to?


…okay another!!!




How would your BFF describe you? Give us three adjectives! Go!!!




What are you binge watching?


BEST part of life:

Being surrounded by loved ones

Favorite activity/thing to do:

swim, yoga, eat!

Favorite place to be:

at home during a rain storm.

What do you wish people knew more about?

protecting the environment

Role Model:

my parents

Favorite Snapchat filter:

little deer ears and eyes

Words of Wisdom:

smile often

How do you give back?

through my dancing

What do you think is necessary to improve our education system?

Children learn at different speeds. Allow time for students to find their rhythm.

…what about our world?

Accept one another.

Five things you’d bring from your medicine cabinet if you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island: 






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 Sara mentioned that one of her favorite products is sunscreen and we couldn't agree more! We put it on every single morning, you never know what the day can bring. This is our favorite breathable, hypoallergenic sunscreen.

They say that the average amount of water that you should drink per day is 2.2 Liters, so this 500mL water bottle is not only the perfect color blue that Maya and I absolutely adore, it's also the perfect size. Fill this up five times during the day and you will stay perfectly hydrated.  If you live in a city where you're running around all day, like Sara goes from class to performance you don't need to be carrying around such a large bottle.

Yes, they're a bit expensive. Yes, they last forever. Yes, I've had mine for six years and counting. They're also the prettiest color for you medicine cabinet, Maya thinks sparkles should be everywhere. Enough said. 

They say to change up your deodorant every time you need a new one, but we've found this one keeps us smelling like flowers and plants all day long through rehearsal, back-to-school stress, boxing, work, and the beach. Why change a good thing if it's working?! 

 Okay, so let's be honest, none of us actually like to floss but this floss makes the process actually enjoyable. It's infused with coconut oil so it's a two in one, removing plaque and reducing inflammation. Maya and I literally use coconut oil for anything and everything.


Sara inspires us to follow our dreams, what are your dreams? What do you do to follow them? Who are your role models?

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