Maya Jade Frank

 You know me as one of The Ya Sisters but what you might not know is how I get to do what I love everyday, which is eat ice cream. I know, you were probably expecting acting, but food is a large part of my life! Get to know me on my talk below :)


How do you know the Ya Sisters?

I am one!

Dream Job:

Being in a movie where I play a superhero.

What do YA do?

I’m an actress and a singer (also a professional ice cream expert).

Favorite Song on Repeat?

 “Out Tonight” from Rent the Musical.

Piece of Advice:

Always believe in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. YOU ARE.

What young adult would you vote for to be president right now?

Rowan Blanchard.

Favorite news outlet:


How do you get motivated to exercise?

Think about your next yummy meal! Also, sing along with the music!

What inspires you?

People who love what they do and are not afraid to push boundaries.

Who inspires you?

My sister, Tehya.

What would you tell yourself one year ago?

Don’t let your bangs grow out… it’s a waste of time. You get them again.

How did you get where you are?

I always believed in myself and followed my dreams no matter what. I also have an amazing family who constantly supports me.

What is the one thing you wish there was a cure to?

Lyme Disease.

…okay another!!!


How would your BFF describe you? Give us three adjectives! Go!!!

1. Quirky/Funny

2. Conscientious

3. Charismatic

What are you binge watching?

The Flash

BEST part of life:

There’s endless possibilities of who you can be and who you can meet.

Favorite activity/thing to do:

I love to box.

Favorite place to be:

New York City or Hawaii!

What do you wish people knew more about?

To think before you act.

Role Model:

Emma Watson and Selena Gomez.

Favorite Snapchat filter:

The reindeer!

Words of wisdom:

Carpe diem!!

How do you give back?

I am a cofounder of 13 Wishes ( where we bring the arts to places that are limited or non existent. 

What do you think is necessary to improve our education system?

Active listening and communication between teachers, schools, and students.

…what about our world?

I think government leaders need to listen to the people. They should focus on goals that will help the present and future of Americans.

Five things you’d bring from your medicine cabinet if you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island: 

1. Clean & Clear Oil Wipes

2. ColoreScience Sunscreen

3. Clear Mascara

4. The Secret Chocolate Stash

5. A blowdryer (for the bangs!)


Want in on any of the products that I would use on a desert island? Check them out below...

 *Click on each image to be directed to shop the product*

 I wear this sunscreen everyday. It works on a bare face or over any makeup that I might be wearing. Sunscreen is really the most important beauty product ever. Trust me.


 If Tehya or I wear any makeup, it's this. We have been using it since we were really little and we will continue to use it forever, it's our little makeup secret. Well, I guess it's not so secret anymore...


 I am obsessed with my bangs, they're my life force. I use a blowdryer every morning and I definitely wouldn't forget to bring one to a desert island. This cute one folds up so it can travel easily with you!


 These are just the best things I own. They're in my purse, in my backpack, in Tehya's car, all over our house. My friends steal them from me, I order them in bulk. For oily skin, they're amazing. Enough said.


Check out Tehya's Talk Here

Okay, so let me know what else you want to know about me below? What haven't I told ya?!


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